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Inclement Weather Policy: Know Before You Hire!

Employers: Corporations, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners…..

If you are in the business of providing a service or a product (that should be everyone, and your business is of an essential operation then why are you not prepared for inclement weather? As I continuously watched the local news (Hampton Roads, Virginia), I was amazed to see so many people stranded or involved in accidents while trying to get to work to provide that service or product to the company’s clients. With today’s technology, why aren’t there provisions and procedures set in place for mandatory or essential personnel to keep the employees off the highway in dire conditions such as this snowstorm, i.e. blizzard? Yes, I understand the operation must continue. No work, no money concept has always been a high level threat, but not when it comes to the safety of one’s life, i.e., your most valuable asset – employee.

There are pre-planned processes that should be in place to prevent such a fiasco of a life loss, car accident, etc. Most employees are living paycheck to paycheck. So can you imagine what a totaled car with liability insurance would do to a family? Employees being physically injured and cannot work for a period of time would be devastating to that family. So, why are employees sacrificed to keep an operation afloat? That answer varies, but I can imagine not one answer will outweigh the loss of a personal vehicle, physical injuries, and loss of life or income! Employers, we MUST and can do better.

It is time to review the one paragraph or sentence you have stated under the “inclement weather policy.” Your company handbook, policies and procedures manual should be reviewed annually.

Some things to consider upon conducting this thorough review:

  1. Does the business have to be physically open during inclement weather?
  2. Can the job be efficiently done at the home of the employee?
  3. How much revenue would your company lose if it is completely shut down for a day or even a few days?
  4. What is your attendance make-up policy?
  5. If your area is known for at least one snowstorm and/or hurricane annually, do you have hazardous weather “pay” built into your compensation plan?

As a small business or any business size, you may think your company cannot afford to build hazardous weather pay into the total compensation plan; however, you cannot afford not to have such a plan. Not only does this keep the employee safe and satisfied; it may increase or keep productivity steady, boost your integrity personally and as a business owner. It may possibly elevate the company profile. It does not cost much add hazardous weather pay into your company’s compensation plan and it is absolutely worth it!

Therefore, employers before you hire, please take the time to thoroughly review your inclement weather policy and total compensation plan. Contact Abundant Professional Services for your human resources consulting needs. We stand ready to assist you and your company. Contact us today, get-trained(at)


Ramona Taylor, CEO
Abundant Professional Services
– A Human Resource Consulting and Training Firm


How To Get Out The Box Starting Today!

Getting into a box may be easy, but getting out is not as difficult as many would think. Being in a box leaves no room for expansion or growth. Living in the box gives you limited vision, no room to birth your dreams. What is keeping you captive in your box? Could it be that you are in a dead-end job, with no room for advancement? Are you stuck in a career that lacks fulfillment? Do you literally hate your job and simply work for a paycheck? Are you in a relationship with no future? or are you going through a long-term period of unemployment with limited hope? All of these things are life situations, but not situations of life captivity. The box is a representation of life captivity.

Staying in a box is often comfortable, yet miserable at the same time. It is a place of refuge, your comfort zone; however, bitterness overwhelms your escape plan. Bitterness comes from being angry and confused about not growing or succeeding in whatever your desired dreams may have been. You have chosen to live in the box looking out at the world versus living outside of the box enjoying the world.

Did you know the lack of focus could leave one angry, confused, and simply bitter? Your brain cannot focus on the positive or your dreams when you tend to focus on what you do not have (the box mentality). You have to retrain the brain to shift your mindset; however, that is another blog.

Turn on your positive thinking switch and develop a solid plan to get out of the box and not become a victim of yourself. Remember, you cannot get out of the box by comparing yourself to someone else’s success story. Be unique and write your own story.  get out of the box

Here are some tips and steps to get out of your box staring today:

  1. Money. Money is the number one problem clients use as an excuse to stay in the box. Stop looking at money as the green-eyed monster and see it as the ticket to your future. Seek ways to cut corners and make your current money situation work for you. You have to start somewhere. Did you know the average fast food lunch cost $6.00? Giving up one lunch weekly will purchase business cards, pay for website/email hosting services, gain admission to a local networking event or seminar. This is a step towards getting out of the box and become successful.
  2. Positive Thinking. You must feed your brain with positive affirmations and thoughts daily. Remove negative people, reminders, and past setbacks from your daily view.
  3. Confession. Confess and believe in your dreams. Others will never believe in your dreams, if you never talk about it. Shout to the rooftop, your desires, dreams, and visions. Let the world know you are soon to be at the top of your industry in whatever it is you desire. If you want to eventually own an IT firm and you are currently working as an IT Helpdesk Technician, confess your desire to have the top IT Firm in your state, America, or globally.
  4. Action. After feeding your brain, you must take action. Just accomplishing one thing will build a step towards getting out of the box. If you want to start a business, write a business plan or go get your business license. You must do something! Sitting idle will not build the steps needed to walk out of the box.

These tips can be applied towards any life situation, personally and professionally. Remaining in a box will only have you existing and not living your life to its fullest potential. Walk out of your box today.

See you on the outside of your box!


Ramona Taylor, MSMHR

Ramona Taylor is a Human Resources Consultant and Strategic Career Coach. She assists clients from small to midsize companies and professional individuals seeking to shift from the corner office to entrepreneurship.



Operating A Dysfunctional Human Resources Department

What happens when your Human Resources department is dysfunctional?  What are the repercussions?  Often times a human resources department get comfortable working the daily operations and become idle towards providing updated training to the front line/brains of the corporation.  In adequate training can lead to business failure quickly.  Additionally, with many new small and medium businesses; human resources departments are omitted or improperly staffed.

Your human resources department is designed to keep the company’s best interest at heart.  They are the most valuable asset to the company due to their knowledge of employment laws and procedures. However, if you as the company owner are not training your staff, you are limiting your company’s ability to grow financially and obtain quality employees.

Hiring unqualified human resources employees is a sure way to welcome legal action, expensive employee revolving doors, and improperly trained employees, among a host of other concerns.  The facet of human resources within any company is very complex.  Therefore, untrained and unskilled employees working inside a human resources department is not acceptable.  The standards implemented in your human resources department set the bar for every department and its workers.  Working in a human resources office can be stressful and toxic without proper guidance.  When conflict arises between your human resources staff, it then becomes the job of the director of human resources, owner, or a qualified outsourced agent to resolve any problems.  Leaving any small concerns unscathed will cause a large catastrophe.  

A Dysfunctional Human Resources Department Is A Disservice To Your Company

There is no need to have a dysfunctional human resources department, let’s talk about your company’s training needs. 

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