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Operating A Dysfunctional Human Resources Department

What happens when your Human Resources department is dysfunctional?  What are the repercussions?  Often times a human resources department get comfortable working the daily operations and become idle towards providing updated training to the front line/brains of the corporation.  In adequate training can lead to business failure quickly.  Additionally, with many new small and medium businesses; human resources departments are omitted or improperly staffed.

Your human resources department is designed to keep the company’s best interest at heart.  They are the most valuable asset to the company due to their knowledge of employment laws and procedures. However, if you as the company owner are not training your staff, you are limiting your company’s ability to grow financially and obtain quality employees.

Hiring unqualified human resources employees is a sure way to welcome legal action, expensive employee revolving doors, and improperly trained employees, among a host of other concerns.  The facet of human resources within any company is very complex.  Therefore, untrained and unskilled employees working inside a human resources department is not acceptable.  The standards implemented in your human resources department set the bar for every department and its workers.  Working in a human resources office can be stressful and toxic without proper guidance.  When conflict arises between your human resources staff, it then becomes the job of the director of human resources, owner, or a qualified outsourced agent to resolve any problems.  Leaving any small concerns unscathed will cause a large catastrophe.  

A Dysfunctional Human Resources Department Is A Disservice To Your Company

There is no need to have a dysfunctional human resources department, let’s talk about your company’s training needs. 

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