Career Training and Coaching Program

Career Training and Coaching Program is designed to help career seekers gain employment and under-employed career seekers gain better employment through promotions and/or career transitions.

Sessions are held weekly for individuals and by contract for businesses. Our goal is to equip each person with the essential workforce tools required to be successful in their career. Additionally, we strive to provide quality candidates to businesses, locally and globally, while decreasing or eliminating the company’s need for an extensive candidate search.

Our major topics facilitated are listed below:

◾Skills Assessments
◾Importance of Volunteering
◾Past Position In-Depth Review
◾Conversational Networking versus Constructive Networking
◾Career Mapping and Strategies
◾How to Create Your Own Career Fair
◾Application Process
◾Interviewing Skills (all formats)
◾Work Ethics/Values
◾Customer Service Training
◾Live Cold Calling and Critiques
◾Understanding how background discrepancies effect the employer
◾Understanding position qualification:
◾Skills + Education + Experience + Social = Hiring Formula

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